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Connecting Notts members represent a range of arts organisations in Nottingham and many are freelance creative practitioners themselves.  Read short bios by clicking on their image. You can email them to make an enquiry about working together on current and future projects.

Connecting Notts members

Lizzie Keen

Lizzie Keen is an artist who represents Backlit Gallery through their Pending Collective program. Originally from London, Lizzie is a multimedia artist who is currently studying for a BA degree in Fine Art at Loughborough University. Lizzie enjoys using her position at Pending Collective to work collaboratively with other organisations at events such as Young Hustlers, offering art opportunities for our community.

Nikeria Tannis

Nikeria Tannis is a representative for Diversify Education and Communities CIC. Although she is currently studying Law with Criminology, she is also growing her graphic design business. When she isn’t building on her own creative practices or academic endeavours, she enjoys helping others do the same.

[email protected] 

Catherine Gittens

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Nottingham, having graduated in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2020. I am currently involved in community arts, engaged with how sculpture and material play can be used to bring people together to provide a therapeutic, playful and transformative experience for those involved. 

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Connecting Notts Alumni

Are you a creative practitioner who would be willing to support or mentor young people in Nottingham?